500 Basic Korean Verbs One-page Cheat Sheet

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Building on some of Tim Ferriss' ideas about Meta-Learning and his success with Japanese language learning using a one-page complete Kanji poster, I've put together this list of 500 basic Korean verbs to help me cram for the TOPIK test. 

While there are lists of 500 Korean verbs available other places online, I've never found one that was a single page cheat sheet like this before (nor one with such a beautiful design ;)

Key Features:

  • Verbs are listed in Korean alphabetical order - each letter is tagged with a black "flag"
  • Verbs are categorized by difficulty level (green = beginner 초급, black = intermediate 중급, gray = advanced 고급) 
  • The total number of words in each letter and in each difficulty are listed at the bottom of the page
  • (Small) space is left between the lines to write English definitions if desired

How to use it:

One of the KEY requirements to learn any new language is vocabulary memorization. This sheet is designed to help you quickly run through a list of key vocabulary words to drill the words and check your memorization.

  • 1. Look up the definition of each word individually (a guide for this will be coming to our website @ keytokorean.com soon)
  • 2. Write the definitions somewhere you use frequently (this paper, flashcards, your notebook, etc)
  • 3. DAILY go through the list of words on this page and drill them - check back to your definitions list when you forget one
  • 4. Put them into practice by writing simple sentences using each verb
  • 5. Continue this pattern until you can easily recall ANY verb from the list

How the verb categorization was determined:

When I first started learning Korean, I bought a 6000 Vocabulary dictionary that listed the words according to their difficulty and frequency on the TOPIK test.

  • Words on the TOPIK 1-2 (초급) are classified as "A" level words
  • Words on the TOPIK 3-4 (중급) are classified as "B" level words
  • Words on the TOPIK 5-6 (고급) are classified as "C" level words

After gathering the full list of 500 verbs and creating the cheat sheet, I went back through that dictionary and colored each word according to its classification in the dictionary.

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You'll get one printable A4 PDF.

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500 Basic Korean Verbs One-page Cheat Sheet

0 ratings
I want this!